How to Get Someone to Review Your Book

Wow. I just got off the phone with Scott Bradley, who is running the media and marketing campaign for The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur book by Mike Michalowicz. Scott also has a blog appropriately called Networking Effectively. I’m impressed with Scott and I’ll tell you why. In fact, Scott did such a good job reaching me/pitching the book, not only am I writing THIS post about HOW he and Mike are marketing geniuses, they’ll get a book review and perhaps more than that…a tele-conference, perhaps?? How and why was Scott so successful in reaching a busy mom entrepreneur like me and converting me as his newest fan (and Mike’s as well)?

I’ll tell you in a minute but first, I have to be perfectly honest, in general I am not a fan of book proposals/pitches for Startup, unless your name is Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki or Holly Buchanan. (Not that Seth and Guy have asked me (see his invite on this post!), but I did get Guy to send me a copy of his latest book for review, which I am very happy about).

I’m not a fan because reading a book and then posting a review takes a lot of time. And let’s be honest–unless you’re Problogger it’s hard to make money on affiliate links, so I don’t do it for that. Certainly I like to review books I want to read ANYWAY, yet I don’t really welcome books that aren’t on my list. So when I got an upbeat email from Fairy Godmother Heather Allard, I wasn’t so anxious because I had never heard of Mike Michalowicz (however, once you DO hear it, I doubt you’d forget it) so when I saw the email I wasn’t jumping at the opportunity, particularly because with the holidays coming…when will there be anytime?? But Scott stopped me in my tracks and made me think again.

Here’s the steps that Scott followed to get our attention:

1. I received a PERSONAL invite to review the book from my friend, Heather Allard. She said she wanted to introduce me to Scott and that we could get a copy of the book through him. Because it came from HER, I listened more than if Scott had contacted me cold on my blog.

2. I agreed to look at the book because it sounded interesting and because Heather was excited about it. Scott thanked me and asked if there was a time we could chat for a moment about WHAT HE COULD DO TO HELP US. This was the ticket…the golden ticket to my heart.

3. Scott (and the team, apparently) realize that if we’re going to give some time to read a book and write about it and give them some free press, that it’s nice to be rewarded. THANKED. Appreciated. And, yes, we enjoy SOME FORM OF PAYMENT. No, not monetary, of course, but something is always nice..a referral, a contact, an opportunity, a thank you email… in this case, it was BEFORE the REVIEW even happened. BRILLIANT. So today Scott demonstrated that he recognized that we’re ALSO trying to build a business and succeed and we also have projects we’re working on, etc. What a refreshing approach, I tell you!

4. Scott suggested a time to call. Initially I resisted big time. I am in the middle of a lot of stuff right now, but something encouraged me to make time for a quick call and we got on the phone.

5. On the phone Scott THANKED me again. Simple, yes, but it was nice. He said, I just wanted to see if there’s something we can to do help you since you’re helping us. Tell me about your startup story and why you’re helping women…

6. He LISTENED. I can’t emphasize this enough. He wasn’t trying to cut me off and suggest that “chapter 2” covers this topic or whatever. He just cared about where I came from and where I’m headed. He asked what our goals were, etc. offered some ideas, etc. It was nice.

7. He also SHARED his story when I asked him… simple, but he was willing to engage and it was nice to hear about how he met Mike and why he’s on board with the book, etc.

8. He INVITED me to read the book…not just Michelle McCullough (who I had told him would be reading it and reviewing it). I said I wouldn’t promise but I’d be happy to look through it…(now, however I want to).

9. He OFFERED additional suggestions for  how we could get involved with Mike besides the book (mentoring access, tele-seminars, speaking ops, etc.etc.)…he wanted to create more of a partnership relationship rather than just a “reviewer” relationship–HUGE difference. We left the conversation open to possibilities…perfect for a new connnection, no promises, no commitments, just offers.

10. He FOLLOWED UP with links to videos we could post, etc. Like THIS ONE> by Mike,

Start and Grow a Healthy Business in a Recession

Way to go, Scott. You have excellent Networking skills. Extraordinary skills. I have no doubt Mike’s book is awesome. I look forward to it. Way to go, Mike for being brilliant and coaching Scott to follow this approach (or designing it together?) You make a great team.

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