Highlights of #StartupChat “Fall Fashion Trends”


One of our latest #startupchats (every Wed 2pm EST on Twitter) was about Fall fashion trends for women in business featuring stylists and designers! Guests included: @lsquaredstyle @polishedimage @MarisaSwystun1 and sponsored by TJMaxx and Marshalls @hdueitt tweeted in behalf of TJMAXX and Marshalls. We also included some of our participants tweets here who added great value. Thanks everyone! Fun topic.

Here’s highlights of the conversation:

Share with us your definition of style

lsquaredstyle: For me, style is the one way we communicate to others who we are and what we’re about.
polishedimage: Style is an individual expression of who you are without talking. Clothes speak for you!
hdueitt: Style is effortless & shouldn’t cost you a fortune!


What makes a woman look ‘put together’?

TJMaxx: A woman looks ‘put together’ when she walks with self-respect and confidence. Accessories help a woman look “put together”, and a smile is the best accessory! :)
BeChicMag: when she walks with self-respect and confidence
MarisaSwystun1: A woman should bravely wear her heart on her sleeve. If she does it well, she will always look put together.
polished image:  I tell all moms that they need to fight for their right to be stylish and functional. As a mom of 3 I understand.


How does looking polished/fashion forward build trust in life/business?

BeChicMag: They see that you’re serious thus making you appear trustworthy and responsible
polishedimage: It let’s people know that you mean business and you have self respect. If you want to be successful dress like it!
IHBrands: If you take pride in the way you present yourself you most likely take pride in your work – people notice
hdueitt: Looking polished and paying attn. to small details can show your client you will pay attention to their needs/ details.


What’s the difference in your wardrobe if you’re working at home or going to an office?

startupprincess: Huge! I advise my clients with home office to get dressed in business casual everyday. If a client calls you and needs you immediately, you need to be ready!
lsquaredstyle: You put yourself in a different mindset when you take the time and effort to get dressed. It’s just respect for yourself!
ConvertingME: I keep a couple of “outfits” for every occasion ready in my closet for last minute meetings and get togethers


How do dress standards range between industries?

lsquaredstyle: Dress standards can very drastically from industry to industry. It’s up to each of us to be appropriately informed.
It’s a good idea to speak with someone in the organization- whether it be a future colleague , manager or HR specialist.
polishedimage: You have to respect industry! Some people that have a more Classic sense of style have to work to be more artistic if they work in a creative industry while other who are more artistic have to work to be more classic in a conservative industry. Industry dictates dress!
MarisaSwystun1: I dress the same at home/work/out – it’s more fun and I inspire myself that way.


What fall 2011 trends are going to be hot?

polishedimage: Red, Tailored Looks, Pencil Skirts with a twist, Blazers, Wide leg pants, Stacked pumps with detail.
hdueitt: Details, detail, details. Look for fur trim, bows, ruffles, lace, sparkled and embellished tops!


What colors should we look for in fall fashion?

polishedimage: Red, Camel, Green, Blush Pinks (make sure your rocking the right shades for your skin tone).
MarisaSwystun1: Violet, mustard, emerald ….
lsquaredstyle: I think a fall jacket in a really bold colour is a fun trend. It brings attention to your face!


How does someone stay current but not get carried away by trends?

MarisaSwystun1: Trend is just suggestion and every season has TONS of trends packed in each. Choose one that work for your known fit.
lsquaredstyle: By incorporating trendy pieces into your current wardrobe, you’ll still be able to pay the mortgage and feel stylish!
polishedimage: Invest in a quality basic wardrobe in neutrals that flatter you. Then each season pick trends that are appropriate for u! Trends are meant to update your look for the season. I never advise anyone dress in head to toe trends.


If you were only going to spend $150 to update your fall wardrobe, what would you add?

lsquaredstyle: Understand the gaps in your wardrobe. Once you’ve identified gap #1, invest in that (e.g. a trendy fall blouse)!


To Register for TOUCHPOINT and learn more about Fall fashion for women in business, please see http://t.co/Y5j4zGl


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