10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference in Person

I just completed a full weekend of conferences and I’m feeling recharged, motivated, and inspired. I went to the Smart Women Smart Money conference on Thursday and then to a 2-day Women’s Conference which was one of the highlights of my year.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference (in Person, not tele-seminars)

1. You may meet people with similar interests and experiences who may help you expand your network and circle of influence

2. Your mind may be open to new opportunities

3. Your mind may be challenged to consider new ideas and theories

4. Your heart may be inspired and encouraged

5. You may have an opportunity to exhibit, demonstrate, or share your product or service

6. You may have an opportunity to build potential partnerships and relationships that will help you personally or professionally

7. You might be inspired to write or create something new–a new product, expand an idea, develop a thought

8. You may receive answers to difficult or challenging questions that you have been considering

9. You may meet members of the media and establish new possible PR opportunities (this happened to me–2 radio and 1 TV producer who gave me their cards and want to do features ;))

10. You may realize how completely amazing your life is and be grateful for the mentors who wish to support you in your journey ahead


As you know, we’re busy preparing for The Startup Princess Make a Wish, Make it Happen conference in Utah. I wish you could all come… and if you’re local, I really hope you design your schedule to be there with us. We’re confirming the vendors, preparing the name tags, designing the decor and making the last finishing touches on our presentations because we hope that we can provide an event and experience that will propel women business owners into a higher level of purpose, life balance, strategic planning, and increase their support and network so they can increase their potential to succeed. We look forward to the opportunity to serve and share our resources and ideas with creative, bright, ambitious women who are courageous enough to follow their passions and dreams in business. I want to meet you, and give you a hug!

Enjoy an audio message from Becca Levie, Keynote Speaker of the conference. becca-levie.png

I realize that isn’t possible for everyone to be there so we’re recording the entire Startup Princess conference in video and audio, so you can still get the content. We’re pleased we can offer this opportunity! The video and audio will be available November 15.

Make your plans now…Make a wish, Make it happen!

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